Procurement Jobs in Qatar 2022

Mar 14, 2023

Qatar Airways Careers


Welcome to Qatar Airways Careers, your gateway to exciting job opportunities in the field of procurement in Qatar. With our continuous growth and commitment to excellence, Qatar Airways offers a wide range of procurement jobs that empower individuals to contribute to the success of one of the world's leading airlines. Join us as we embark on an incredible journey towards delivering exceptional experiences to our customers while shaping the future of aviation in Qatar and beyond.

Why Choose Qatar Airways?

When it comes to procurement jobs in Qatar, Qatar Airways stands out as the employer of choice. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider a career with us:

  • Global Opportunities: With an extensive global network, Qatar Airways offers you the opportunity to work across diverse markets and cultures. We have a strong presence not only in Qatar but also in over 160 destinations worldwide. This global footprint opens doors to endless possibilities and enriches your professional growth.
  • Industry Excellence: Qatar Airways has been consistently recognized as one of the world's leading airlines. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and exceptional service has earned us numerous prestigious awards. Joining Qatar Airways means becoming part of a team that is dedicated to setting new benchmarks in the industry.
  • Career Development: Qatar Airways is committed to nurturing talent and fostering career development. We offer our employees various opportunities for learning and growth through comprehensive training programs, mentorship, and continuous support. Whether you are starting your procurement journey or seeking to advance your career, we provide the resources and guidance you need to succeed.
  • Employee Benefits: At Qatar Airways, we believe in taking care of our employees' well-being. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including competitive compensation packages, health and life insurance, travel privileges, and various employee discounts. Your work-life balance and overall satisfaction are paramount to us.
  • Inclusive Culture: We take pride in our diverse and inclusive workforce. Qatar Airways fosters an environment that values diversity, equal opportunity, and respect for all individuals. We believe that our differences make us stronger, enabling us to better serve our global customer base.

Available Procurement Jobs in Qatar 2022

Qatar Airways offers a wide range of exciting procurement job opportunities in Qatar for the year 2022. Our procurement teams play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient sourcing and management of goods and services across the organization. As a procurement professional in Qatar Airways, you will have the chance to contribute to the growth and success of our airline while working in a dynamic and stimulating environment.

1. Procurement Specialist

As a procurement specialist, you will be responsible for sourcing and procuring goods and services, negotiating contracts, and managing supplier relationships. Your expertise in identifying cost-saving opportunities and ensuring the seamless flow of materials will be instrumental in supporting Qatar Airways' operations and strategic objectives.

2. Supplier Relationship Manager

In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers. You will work closely with suppliers to understand their capabilities, negotiate contracts, and monitor performance to ensure the highest level of service delivery. Your strong communication and negotiation skills will be vital in forging productive partnerships and optimizing our supply chain.

3. Category Manager

As a category manager, you will take ownership of specific product or service categories within Qatar Airways. By conducting market research, analyzing trends, and understanding business needs, you will develop and implement effective procurement strategies. Your in-depth knowledge of the market and commitment to driving cost efficiencies will contribute to Qatar Airways' overall operational excellence.

4. Procurement Analyst

In this role, you will support the procurement team by analyzing data, identifying trends, and providing insights to optimize procurement processes. Your attention to detail and ability to interpret complex data will play a critical role in driving informed decisions and delivering tangible results. As a procurement analyst at Qatar Airways, you will contribute to the continuous improvement of our procurement practices.

How to Apply

If you are passionate about procurement and want to join Qatar Airways, we invite you to explore the available job opportunities on our Careers page. Applying is simple - just visit our website, select the desired position, and submit your application by following the provided instructions. Our recruitment team will carefully review your application, and if your qualifications align with our requirements, we will reach out to you for further steps in the hiring process.

Join Qatar Airways today and take the next step towards a rewarding career in procurement. We value your skills and expertise and look forward to welcoming you to our dedicated team of professionals.


At Qatar Airways Careers, we offer exceptional procurement job opportunities in Qatar for 2022. Our commitment to excellence, global reach, and employee development sets us apart as an employer of choice. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, Qatar Airways provides a platform for you to excel and make a meaningful impact on the aviation industry. Apply now and be a part of our remarkable journey towards the future of aviation in Qatar and beyond.

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